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I offer a variety of events which I will regularly present. If you would like to schedule me to hold one of these events I welcome you to contact me.

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Musical Meditation

A guided meditation and live performance featuring many unique and beautiful instruments from around the world. Restoring tranquility and balance through the power of vibration.  My most popular event. 
Instruments include: Singing bowls, Indian flutes, Chinese zither, Didgeridoo, Tibetan Bells and more

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Songs and Stories 

Great for kids or adults, this is my presentation of songs and stories about nature, love,  and imagination. Many of the songs I share are from my first album Raining Song Tree. Others are songs and stories I've picked up along my travels and adventures. 

Compassion for the Earth

These are ceremonies of compassion for the Earth. The web of life may be the greatest miracle we know. The loss of species, ecosystems, and hope for future generations at the hands of our own people, is a pain that is difficult to comprehend and often hidden. I hold this space as a way connect with that deep love and feeling of grief and gratitude for our world.

Instrument Making

I teach the crafts of drum making, flute making, gong making, and didgeridoo making. In these workshops I lead participants in the process of crafting their own unique meditative instrument. It usually takes a full day to craft an instrument with me.

Nature Connection

I have a passion for knowing wild places, and all the wonderful mysteries that reside there. lets all go on a walk in the woods and I'll guide us to more deeply know and feel connected to these wonders around us :)

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